About WIN

Willis Information Technologies, Inc.

Router, firewall, Wi-Fi-in today's always-connected world, terms like these are no longer only spoken by a select few "geeks." They have become engrained in everyday society with the rise of video conferencing, mobile computing and other networking tools that are vital to businesses and individuals alike. Understanding how these things work is still left to the pros-and that's where WIN comes in.

Willis Information Technologies, Inc., originally founded as the IT department of Willis & Jurasek P.C. in 1987, is a full-service computer hardware, software and technology company located in Jackson, Michigan. Incorporated in 1997, WIN designs and supports custom IT solutions for individuals, small businesses and large organizations. With a veteran staff that embodies values like professionalism, honesty, integrity, education and community, WIN has a service area that spans Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Industry Partners

Since 1997, Willis Information Technologies, Inc. has partnered with a number of industry heavyweights to provide the latest technology resources to clients, including:

Meet the Team

The support team at WIN works diligently to create and maintain meaningful professional relationships with all our clients. Doing so allows us to quickly analyze technical issues and provide a more personal level of service.